Technical Datasheets

Juralco Industrial Products

Walkmaster™ Standard Details

Walkmaster Walkway System - Boral Angaston
WSD01 Handrail & Kneerail Installation
WSD02 Handrail & Kneerail Joints
WSD03 Installation Of Handrail & Kneerail 90 Elbows
WSD04 Installation 'GS120' Closure Bends
WSD05 Installation 'GS136B/XX Closure Bend
WSD06 Installation GS136T/XX Closure Bend
WSD07 Installation Post/ Handrail Cross Brace Inclined Walkway
WSD08 Installation 'GS134' Vertical Post Strut
WSD09 Installation Recommendation for 'GS025' Toe Board
WSD10 Walkway Cleat Installation 'Ampligrip™ 202 Grating'
WSD11 Walkway Cleat Installation ' Ampligrip™ 430/300 (x2) Grating'

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